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Businesses acquire a vast amount of data through daily operations, and it is a complete waste not to utilise this data to provide better services or products for customers. Business Intelligence (BI) effectively combines business analytics, data tools, data infrastructure, data mining and data visualisation to provide businesses with best-practice solutions for improved

When it comes to reporting tools for business, Microsoft Excel has been the preferred software, but the introduction of Power BI onto the market has seen a massive shift for a number of reasons. The shift from Microsoft Excel reporting to Power BI The enhanced visualisation, statistical functionalities and calculations give some idea as to

Fast-changing technologies and modern marketing solutions have confused the differences between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics to the point that they are used almost interchangeably. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics? Effectively they are both key to enhancing business performance but there are differences to be noted. Using Business Intelligence and Business Analytics correctly can be

Business Intelligence (BI) allows analysts to spot trends in business using collected data, thereby empowering them to optimise overall performance, increase sales and revenue. This technology-driven system relies on quality software services to provide comprehensive BI for various industries. Microsoft Power BI explained A superior BI offering, Microsoft Power BI, is a collection of software