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How to Increase Business Intelligence User Adoption

If you’ve invested in business intelligence software to drive visibility and improve decision-making, then you’ve made the right choice. But often one of the stumbling blocks is actually encouraging people in your organisation to use business intelligence. This is nothing new. People have been fighting change from the beginning of time! And when it comes to the workplace, you’ll get even more resistance when people feel forced into a corner. Here are a few ways to increase business intelligence adoption in the office.


What is business intelligence?

This incredible software combines business analytics, data tools and visualisation, data mining and more to empower businesses with insight into their operations for better decision-making. This eliminates efficiencies and allows for quicker adaption to changing markets.


What are the reasons for low adoption of BI?

Every organisation has a different ethos, environment and character, with a variety of challenges to overcome, but there are certain elements that might prompt some antagonism towards business intelligence. These include:


  • A less tech-savvy workforce that requires more training and support;
  • A lack of understanding as to the many benefits of business intelligence;
  • A misconception that BI actually means more work for them;
  • Alack
  • A stagnated workforce that doesn’t appreciate change; and
  • A feeling of exclusion and that BI was not an option for them.


Ways to increase user adoption

If you’ve already implemented BI, then there are certainly ways to encourage user adoption. But if you’re still looking to implement it, then make sure you’re adequately preparing your staff ahead of time. Here are a few things to consider.


1.     Involve employees early on

It’s pretty difficult to get your staff on your side after the fact. Even if the implementation of BI is a must – which it is! – You need to work with all the departments to outline how the new BI tool is going to benefit them in their daily duties, saving them time and improving efficiency. Your sales, inventory, finance and executive management in particular will gain a lot from the data insight provided through this BI tool. It’s also worth discussing with them what features are best suited to their needs.


2.     Demonstrate the BI capabilities

For many of your employees, seeing is believing which is why it’s best to give them a demonstration of the BI tool and its many capabilities. You can ask your software provider if a demonstration can be arranged using practical applications that the staff would understand. Once they have more of an understanding of the software and what it can do, they’re more likely to adopt it.


3.     Appoint BI champions

To keep the momentum going, and to ensure there are no frustrations caused by the BI implementation, you can appoint BI champions for each group or department. They will need to be familiarised with the software, and have connections to the supplier so that any areas of concern or challenge can be addressed. They will also be in charge of promoting the adoption of business intelligence while offering guidance and advice.


4.     Choose the right BI tool

It’s vital that you incorporate the right BI platform into your business or you risk alienating everyone from the software. It has to be a flexible BI solution that meets the needs of your particular operation, with easily accessible and comprehensible data. If staff can grasp the software quickly and easily, there’s much more chance of user adoption.



5.     Ongoing training

With any software, you’re going to be dealing with ongoing software updates and new features that benefit your company, and this will require ongoing training for your staff. In addition, your company itself will constantly be changing with new employees starting at different times. By providing regular BI training, you’re keeping everyone updated and also providing a great refresher for those who need it.


6.     Incentivise your staff

A happy workplace is one where staff is rewarded for their hard work accordingly. That’s why you might want to consider incentivising your staff to improve morale and encourage user adoption. Showcase some of the success stories as a way to congratulate those who are doing well, and motivate staff with rewards for improvements and small victories.


If you’re looking for the best business intelligence software for your organisation and a team that will assist you with user adoption, then get in touch with Canvas Intelligence today.