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Major benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence (BI) has emerged as an incredibly beneficial technological tool that is able to transform various types of data into usable, business-enhancing solutions. By collecting, assessing and analysing this data, businesses are making meaningful decisions about future practices and products.

Microsoft Power BI
A top contender in BI solutions is Microsoft Power BI – a collection of software services, apps and connectors which transforms raw data into visual information. Microsoft Power BI is a unified, scalable, easy-to-use platform designed for self-service and enterprise BI.

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8 Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Companies looking to implement a BI solution are likely to consider Microsoft Power BI for a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of this particular platform:

1. Seamless integration

Working with IT professionals, businesses are able to integrate Microsoft Power BI with the existing business environment, for enhanced capabilities. If the enterprise uses existing Microsoft systems, then Microsoft Power BI will integrate with these Microsoft tools (Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams). Microsoft Power BI is able to integrate with advanced cloud services, including Cognitive services, Cortana or Bot framework.

2. Q&A functionality

Microsoft Power BI allows businesses to use natural language to get answers directly from the data using the handy Q&A feature.

3. Personalised dashboards

This particular platform allows users to customise the information dashboards, making them ideally suited to almost any business environment. These dashboards can be combined with on-premises and cloud-based data in a single-view dashboard. This allows businesses to monitor critical data throughout the organisation.

4. Minimal technical support

Because Microsoft Power BI integrates seamlessly with the existing environment, the system allows for easy analysis without relying on specialised technical support. It supports a natural language interface and the use of intuitive graphic designer tools.

5. No memory / speed constraints

Because Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based system, there are no memory and speed constraints when operational, so all saved data is quickly retrieved and analysed. This allows for up-to-date data analysis.

6. Multiple device functionality

The Microsoft Power BI reports can be accessed across a number of iOS, Android and Windows devices – mobile phones, laptops, PCs, tablets – provided there is internet connectivity.

7. Drag-and-drop functionality

Reports created by Microsoft Power BI are easily moved through the drag-and-drop functionality.

8. Constant innovation

Staying ahead of the competition, Microsoft Power BI constantly updates functions and features to enhance data collection and business operations.

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Because of the many benefits of Microsoft Power BI, including the low cost and ease of use, businesses are turning to this platform for usable data visualisation that allows for informed business decision-making.



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