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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI Overview

Business Intelligence (BI) allows analysts to spot trends in business using collected data, thereby empowering them to optimise overall performance, increase sales and revenue. This technology-driven system relies on quality software services to provide comprehensive BI for various industries.

Microsoft Power BI explained

A superior BI offering, Microsoft Power BI, is a collection of software services, apps and connectors that, working together, are able to produce a coherent BI using various data sources. Because this is Microsoft-based product, the BI data can be easily displayed in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, or through cloud-based or on-premises data warehouses. This platform allows for a visual representation of the data, which can easily be shared across any organisation, or used via app or website.

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Common Microsoft Power BI Questions

Before investing in any BI service, it’s important to do thorough research, so here’s what you need to know about Microsoft Power BI.

Q1: What is the Microsoft Power BI service?

This is a cloud-based business analytical service which analyses data quickly and efficiently. This is achieved by connecting users to both cloud-based and on-premise data through dashboards, interactive reports and visuals.

Q2: What is Power BI Desktop?

Working cohesively with Microsoft BI service, this is a free application which can be installed on any desktop computer. Data scientists, report designers, developers and administrators produce work with Microsoft Power BI Desktop to create reports for consumers.

Q3: What is the Microsoft Power BI service for consumers?

The consumer will receive the BI content – including apps, dashboards and reports – via online or mobile Microsoft Power BI service. By reviewing the content, consumers are able to make informed business decisions.

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Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

BI is undoubtedly a valuable service for the modern business, allowing owners to analyse available data and stay ahead of the curve. Microsoft Power BI, in particular, is a leading BI service, and here is why:

Seamless integration

Rather than disrupting the current system, Microsoft BI integrates easily with the existing business environment to produce visual analytics and reports.

Personalised dashboards

Microsoft Power BI allows users to customise information dashboards for individual business requirements.

Secure reports

Microsoft Power BI allows users to set up an automatic data refresh and publish reports for up-to-date information.

Enhanced speed

Because Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based service, there are no memory delays and speed constraints which means data can be easily accessed.

No tech support

The fact that Microsoft Power BI supports natural language interface and intuitive graphic designer tools means there is no need for specialised technical support.

Enhanced decision-making

At the heart of it, Microsoft Power BI allows you to make informed decisions by analysing your enterprise data accurately.

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Propel your business forward with business intelligence solutions that have a proven track record for success. Microsoft Power BI is leading BI model that helps companies track operational efficiencies, control budgets and manage costs in real-time.