Why Invest in a Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a central repository, providing a common data model for multiple data sources. A Data Warehouse allows companies to store current and historical data, breakdown silos, increase data integrity, and provides ease of access to information.

Are you thinking of investing in a Data Warehouse? Here are five reasons to consider investing!

5 Reasons to Invest in a Data Warehouse

1. Reporting – Static to Interactive

Don’t settle for static. With a data warehouse, it’s easier to build a report in real-time with the help of multiple tools. Enabling you to interact with the information on a report and drill deeper across various data sources to gain insight into your company analytics.

2. Return on Investment

In a previous blog titled “Becoming a Data Efficient Company“, we discuss increasing revenue per head. We give an example of tangible ROI. The example given concludes that due to less time spent on shadow systems, extracting data from multiple sources and applying manual calculations and filters, as well as the gained knowledge by existing staff, increases efficiency.

In essence, the time saved, and the time used with a data warehouse is equal to the ROI.

3. Timely & Accuracy

The ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) goes hand-in-hand with data warehousing. The ETL process minimises human and copy-paste errors; this is because QA suites can be developed to verify valid data. A data warehouse ensures timely access to data, including the maintenance of historical information, even when the source system excludes this functionality.

4. Security

Roles can be assigned, giving access to those who require specific data and preventing unauthorised employees or users. This enables organisations to keep data from multiple separate entities, secure and classified. 

5. Dashboards & Presentations

A data warehouse makes it easier to work with Business Intelligence tools. This allows you to accurately import data to build and create visual dashboards. Reports can be downloaded into PowerPoint or PDF, making boardroom presentations easier to prepare.

A short story of a Canvas Client:

Our Top 40 JSE client has over 9 separate ERPS’ and business management systems.

Their process to acquire reports was tedious. Information was dumped in Excel. However, Excel ran out of capacity (Excel Capacity is equal to 1 million rows & columns). This process created a second challenge; time. 80% of reports would be delivered before time ran out, and the process restarted to prepare new reports required. Unfortunately by the time the report was released (60 Days Later) with outdated information.

This process was automated by integrating into a data warehouse and the Canvas cube.

What changed?

Employees building reports spent less time dumping raw data from Excel and more time analyzing data. Key Account Managers received daily alerts, managed their targets, and tracked progress. Becoming value-adding instead of report creation.

The technology is built once – use many – supporting continuous use.

We offer business intelligence solutions to help companies track operational efficiencies, control budgets and manage costs in real-time. We connect multiple ERP systems to Power BI. Enabling you to drill down into real-time visual data on mobile, PC or tablet.

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