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Business Intelligence Solutions.

Canvas Intelligence, a Microsoft partner and Business Intelligence specialist, provides market-leading data engineering and analytics solutions. Our expert data architects, developers and analysts deliver customised services and solutions for strategic insights and improved business decisions.

Our core focus is to help companies increase their financial and operational capabilities through elements such as tracking operational efficiencies, managing sales, controlling budgets and managing costs in real-time, among many others. Using our multitude of data modelling, data integration, and data transformation skills, we are able to deploy central data repositories and data warehouses, and then deliver multiple environments, such as ERP and retail systems, amongst others, to Microsoft’s Power Platform. This enables you to drill down into real-time visual data on any device at any time and allows you to manage your data with notifications and alerts on selected metrics.

Fast, visual reporting for analysis or planning

With effective budget control & supply chain metrics

Make informed decisions based on accurate, real time data

View reports on mobile and tablets for people on the go.

integrates with your current on premises and cloud based systems

Data visualization makes it easy to see the big picture

Powerful Business Intelligence Systems

Get real-time business data in insightful, easy to manage dashboard reports on mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Anywhere, any time.

BI Dashboard
BI Dashboard
BI Dashboard

Online Demo

Take a look at the online demo of business data in insightful, easy to manage dashboard reports.

Business Intelligence Support

Our BI experts offer training and consultancy on your existing business intelligence systems.


What some of our clients say

Our Group has been using Canvas Intelligence for close on 2 years, and it has been of immense value to us. We would not be able to go back to our “pre-Canvas” days – it would be like going back into the dark.

Group Financial Manager

What some of our clients say

It's a great management tool. All of my ERP data is accessible from Office 365, in real time. The Data Warehouse is built from my transactional data, I can drill down to the lowest level with the click of a button across the whole organisation. I can instantly build and customise my own reports with Office 365

Financial Manager Mining

What some of our clients say

We introduced Canvas technology as a means of improving efficiency within the business. Results have been invaluable and we look forward to a continued relationship with Canvas Intelligence

Finance Director South Africa

Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a key Data and AI partner to Microsoft, we are proud of the fact that we were one of the first South African partners to have received the new Solutions Designation. As a key partner to Microsoft in the Business Intelligence and Analytics environment, we are continuously transforming and improving enterprise performance by providing strategic insight and real-time decision-making for our clients.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation: Data & AI (Azure)

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